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Corratech is born of desire and our concern to provide our customers with quality and professionalism in the transport of goods, while providing logistics solutions for companies and individuals.

Reliability, quality and punctuality are essential elements that have responded to the request of our customers, all of which have led to the development of a portfolio of clients from different areas.

We react individually and flexibly to the needs and interests of our clients and current market changes.

If you wonder why we are different? Because we are efficient, pragmatic, clear and honest.
Our main concern is to provide the quality and professionalism of our clients in our transportation services.

The transport that Corratech offers our customers guarantees that their goods arrive in fast, safe and quality conditions to the designated place. We work with our partners to cover the entire Spanish network.

On the other hand, we have developed specific transport and logistics solutions for multiple branches of the industry, customized to our customers that allow production, business and transport processes.

Our transport services are developed with the needs of our customers, based on a broad portfolio of transport services with the support of a team of professionals, optimized work processes and the latest technology.

We are ready to respond with pleasure at any time to your requests about our transportation services.

Zurich Group is known as a global insurance company, has a significant presence in the most attractive insurance markets worldwide.

Group Zurich achieved exceptional results in the field of general insurance in Europe, serving clients in more than 170 countries, with major operations in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Corratech provides you ADR transport services with authorized means of transport and accredited ADR drivers, in order to transport goods classified by current laws and regulations that have a certain degree of danger.
Dangerous substances are substances that, due to their physicochemical nature, can cause personal damage to the environment. Dangerous substances range from explosives to radioactive materials, toxic gases to flammable liquids or infectious substances.

The vehicles are specially arranged, with distinctive identification signs, respectively, the reflective plates indicating that dangerous goods are transported.

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